Intelligent Equipment Control for Space Applications in Astrogeobiology: Oxidant Detection on Planetary Surfaces

Christos D. Georgiou


Measure  superoxide  and  peroxide  reactive  oxygen species   (ROS)   on   planetary   surface   (of   Mars   and     Europa), terrestrial arid soils and icy surfaces. Construct    an oxidant (superoxideandperoxide) de-tection instrument  to  study  Mars  topsoil  oxidant  chemistry, select   non-oxidant   sites   on   Mars/Europa   for   the identification   of   biomarkers   of   extraterrestrial   life (extinct/extant), select least oxidant Mars sites for safe colonization by humans, study microorganisms’ survival in ROS generating arid desert soils, and test cos-mic/UV radiation-induced oxidative deterioration of the metal frame of manned spaceships from ROS. For the re-mote control of such instrument, intelligent equipment should be developed.

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Web OLAP; multidimensional data model; ER-model

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